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Thanks a lot for giving us the chance to learn, to enjoy and to collect all this BaZi information.

Petra Hartung, Germany

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The Right Fit for Every Person

Selecting the RIGHT DATE Can Keep the Doctor Away!

The power of Date Selection is undoubtedly useful in so many areas of life. You can, in fact, tailor certain endeavours around specific useful dates. But did you know that it also has has its uses for healthy purpose? The health benefits can be further emphasised by picking the ideal day to start or undergo an endeavour that is health-related.

  • Success Day - Suitable for all activities that require positive starts and outcomes.

  • Remove Day - Good for cleansing or removing something; it works well for starting a diet or undergoing medical procedures.

  • Stable Day - Good for starting activities that have a long-term aspect or infuse with lasting effect.

  • However, remember to avoid the Danger Day at all costs! Also, do not select the Close Day for any health activity of significance.

These Good Dates are suitable for a variety of health-related endeavours or activities listed below, and will create more effective results:

  • Exercise (begining an exercise regimen, starting a yoga programme, and other similar activities)

  • Embarking on a diet

  • Undergoing surgery or surgical procedures

  • Beginning a course of long-term medicine or long-term medical treatment

Personalise your Good Date!

You can personalise a Good Date for health to gain even greater benefits by tailoring it to your individual Day Master. You can use Resource Star days, which are days that contains your Resource Element, in order to further increase the benifit. A Resource Element is the Element that 'grows' your Day Master Element. Knowing your Day Master, then (which you can find out immediately by plotting your BaZi chart here) you can refer table below to find out your Resource Element.

(The image above is extracted from Joey Yap's BaZi- The Destiny Code.)

Two Examples:

  • For Earth Day Master (戊 Wu and 己 Ji), an appropriate Resource Day would be March 2nd 丙午 - a Stable Day with Fire
  • For 壬 Ren and 癸 Gui water persons, a suitable Resource Day is March 7th 辛亥 - a Success Day with Metal

Now that you're aware of the importance of Date Selection for health, you can customise it according to your Day Master in order to derive the greatest possible benifit! For more information on this, you can refer to Joey Yap's two books, The Art of Date Selection : Personal Date Selection and BaZi - The Destiny Code.

MA Cosultant

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