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Fascinating and lots of detail.

Lim Keng Hock, Malaysia

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The Right Fit for Every Person

Making the Most of Heavenly Virtue

The Chinese calendar system of the Stems and Branches allows us to track the prevailling cosmic energies of the day. Actions or events that occur when the prevailling ebergies are favourable will have a longer, more potent effect. In fact, the outcome will likely turn out as you desired. Think or our actions as planting a seed - it requires the right external conditions (soil, water, sunlight) for it to bear generous fruit (outcome)

One of the most important stars used in Date Selection is the 'Heavenly Virtue Star'(天德貴人). Whenever this star is present on that day, important evennts will be smooth-sailing and hassle-free. This Star has a pacifying effecton any negative activity, and helps to infuse that particular activity with positive energies. Even the power of negative stars will be diminished by the mere presence of the 'Heavenly Virtue'. This is how you identify these good dates:

The image above is extracted from Joey Yap's The Art of Date Selection: Personal Date Selection.

For example, in the month of the Tiger (Feb 4th to Mar 4th), all 丁ding (Yin Fire) days contain the 'Heavenly Virtue Star'.

In the month of the Dragon (Apr 4th to May 4th), all 壬 Ren (Yang Water) days are 'Heavenly Virtue' days. If you refer to the 2009 Tong Shu Monthly Planner, you will find the following good dates : Apr 7th, Apr 17th and 27th.

So if you're planning to undertake some major endeavours, be sure to note down these good dates and take full advantage of them!

To learn more about date selection, click here to purchase a copy of Joey Yap's The Art of Date Selection: Personal Date Selection.

MA Cosultant

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