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Dear Joey

Thank you, for an informative class. Looking forward to more classes i.e. Facing reading.

Adelina Pang, Singapore

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The Right Fit for Every Person

Getting to the Root of the Mountain

Don't worry, we promise this has nothing to do with mountain climling! In Mian Xiang (the Chinese art of Face Reading), the term 'Mountain Root' Actually refer to specific position on the face. The Mountain Root is located at the top of the nose bridge, at position 41 of the 100 Position of the Face.

From observing the Mountain Root, we can tell a few different things about a person, such as:

  • Whether or not someone is sleeping in the direction that is favourable to him/her. A darkened Mountain Root indicates the possibility that the person is sleeping facing an unfavourable direction, or sleeping in a room with the presence of the #5 Yellow Star. (The #5 Yellow Star brings about danger, problems, setbacks, and calamities.)

  • Whether someone has fulfilling personal relationships. A darkened Mountain Root can indicate intimate ties that are less than satisfactory for those who in romantic relationships. It can also indicate unsatisfactory relationships in general.

  • Whether someone has headed for relationship troubles. Pimples or visible veins on the Mountain Root suggest that the person may be experiencing some short-term relationship troubles. A scar on the Mountain Root, on the other hand, suggest theat the problems are more long-term.

  • Whether someone has high self-esteem. A higher Mountain Root on a person indicates stronger self-estee,. while a lower or flat Mountain Root suggests the opposite.
  • So, if you're havong problems in your relationships or are having disturbed or trouble sleep, or maybe suffering from a lack of confidence in your life, stand in front of a mirror and observe your Mountain Root.

    A sudden darkend patch or a pimple in the area could indicate potential problems in the areas outlined above. Knowing this in advance might enable you to take the necessary steps to address the issue, thereby lessening the negative impact.

    Face Reading is potent and useful when applied accurately... and you just might be surprised at the insights it can yield about your life!

    MA Cosultant

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