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As always, it is a privilege to listen to Joey Yap.

Edith Lindner, Austria

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The Right Fit for Every Person

8 Glasses a Day

Don't fret - you do not need exactly eight glasses of water to 'activate' your Feng Shui. In fact, it is not even sufficient! Water Feng Shui is undeniably one of the most fascinating aspects of Feng Shui. The two categories we can find are 'natural' and 'manmade'.

Water Au Natural
Natural Water - like 'Water Dragons' - refer to river formations.Most of you might know by now that gentle, curving rivers are good- but why? Mountains, the Yin principle of the lands, are the mother and producer of QI. Hence, Qi flows down from the highest mountain peaks... and gathers at the embracing curves of water, the Yang principle.

This profound understanding of highland and lowland phenomenon gave rise to Feng Shui water formulas like the 'Five Ghost Carry Treasure' and 'Direct & Indirect Spirit'.

Manmade Water
Similarly, pools of water can be created to gather Qi from the external environment. According to the San Yuan's principle of the 'Direct & Indirect Spirit' (零正神), sectors that are suitable for water in Period 8 (year 2004 - 2023) are the Southwest, North, East, and Southeast.

Externaly, if you already have a natural ponf or a swimming pool (even if it's the neighbour's one!) in one of these locations - you are already activating the correct Qi for Period 8! Here's a general breakdown on each sector:

  • Water in the Southwest increase financial and property luck
  • Water in the North enhances investment and networking luck
  • East water relates to positive changes and fame
  • Southeast water enhances travel and intelligence
  • Internally, we can also add water features to stimulate the energies of those sectors. However, make sure that you have substantial volume of water compared to the size of your house and room! In most cases, a table fountain contains less than a few glasses of water- not enough of active particles to excite the Qi.

    MA Consultant

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