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Written by Joey Yap himself, this book aims to shed light on what Classical Feng Shui is all about, dispelling mythical theories, superstitions and taboos that have somehow weaved its popularity into today's practice of Feng Shui.

Look inside Joey Yap's Stories and Lessons on Feng Shui

Book Description
An insightful and entertaining book filled with lots of interesting stories compiled from Joey Yap's personal experience, it clarifies a lot of myths and superstitions surrounding the practice of Feng Shui today.

Fun and easy to read, it is suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners. Each chapter consists of a story that covers Feng Shui topics like Xuan Kong Flying Stars, Eight Mansions, San He, San Yuan and even Luan Tou (Landform).

You'll find lots of answers to questions frequently asked and how-to easy applications plus simple common sense in your approach to applying Feng Shui correctly.

Besides the short stories, the Mail Bag section features interesting e-mails Joey Yap has received and answered over the years; and stories on BaZi (Four Pillars of Destiny) which helps you understand better about Destiny Analysis and how it complements Feng Shui.

Chapters of the book are arranged for easy reading, so you may start from the beginning or simply go straight to chapters that take your fancy. Some of the topics covered:-

  • Period 8 Anxiety
  • Love: What's Feng Shui Got To Do With It?
  • Interior Decoration: Feng Shui Or Just Plain Décor?
  • Fish: A Pet For Feng Shui?
  • Office Qi: Career And Promotion
  • Wealth Corner: Searching For It
  • Wind Chimes: How Many Rods?
  • Colours: What's The Impact On Feng Shui?
  • Flowers: Dried Or Fresh?
  • Toilets: Where To Locate It?

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Joey Yap's Stories and Lessons on Feng Shui
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