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Very dynamic and interesting. Thank you.

Nathalie Poulin, Canada

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The Energy Myth Buster
Source : The Asian Parent Singapore
Date : 9 Sep 2016
by Dato' Joey Yap

Do you follow Feng Shui? Know that it's all about energy and not just the placement of furniture or the use of trinkets!

The sun is the main source of energy for life on Earth. It is all around us, in everything that we see, breathe, and do. This energy occasionally takes on different forms, but it is omnipresent, as it cannot be destroyed. Energy has so much presence in mankind’s daily clockwork that it certainly affects us one way or another.

The study of energy has long taken precedence in ancient Chinese Metaphysics. The art of Feng Shui, particularly, has become more widely accepted, practiced and applied over the past few years. However, a lot of the information surrounding it is still shrouded in a sense of mysticism and orientalism.

The various schools of Feng Shui can be confusing for newcomers. People deliberately use it to make a quick buck by sales of trinkets and so-called auspicious objects. So many, then, are easily drawn into misinterpretations.

The common myths

Many practices and applications considered part of Feng Shui are actually a collection of myths. These are helped along by the power of suggestion and self-fulfilling prophecies. They are half-truths, old-wives tales and superstitions passed off as the real deal. Most are used to scare people into taking a million and one steps to prevent or negate their unfavorable circumstances.

Of course, often, these steps involve the purchase of Asian-looking knickknacks that supposedly help focus energies. Furniture is rearranged out of paranoia.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is not about religion, cultures, ghost or deities. It is a metaphysical science involving the study and understanding of environmental influences.

Qi is a natural phenomenon of the living environment, rarely generated by man-made objects like statues and paintings. Classical Feng Shui has nothing to do with the placement of objects, pictures or any other decor in the house. It has to do with direction and location. The quality of the FengShui is determined by these two crucial factors.

After all that effort of taking care of the inside of the home, it can come as a surprise to many people that Feng Shui actually prioritises what is on the outside.

External environment

The first thing you must do when it comes to Feng Shui is to inspect the surroundings of your property. From there, gauge the sort of Qi that it is receiving.

Look for external environmental factors or landforms (Luan Tou) that govern the main Qi of the area. The most important landforms in Feng Shui are the mountains and the rivers.

Mountains are often referred to in ancient Feng Shui texts as Dragons. As Yin features, they produce Qi.

Water is the mountain’s Yang counterpart and collects the Qi. Evaluating the Feng Shui of a property involves looking at these landforms to see how they affect the movement and collection of Qi through the property.

After that has been assessed, your attention should turn to the Main Door of the property where the Qi enters. Next turn your attention to the kitchen and the stove, and then the bedroom and the bed. You can then consider the other parts of your property where you tend to spend a lot of time.

Interior design

Feel free to go with your personal tastes or interior design aesthetics instead of focusing on what is auspicious. Any influence your decorations, colour choices, and furniture placement has on you is more likely to psychological than anything that can be attributed to Feng Shui. It is therefore highly recommended that you just go with what suits you best.

Many people are attracted to placement Feng Shui because it offers a quick fix. For many, the aura of mysticism cultivated around it is enough for them to believe in it.

While it may help in the short-term through a psychological boost, it can quickly turn into a frustrating reliance. Log on to and learn how you can adjust your living environment for better behaviour and positive thinking.

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