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Very precious and direct to the point. Has cleared a lot of misconception that we previously had. Looking forward to see you in M3. Thank you.

Catherine Chin Chooi Fong, Malaysia

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Forecast for 12 Animal Signs - Wealth
Source : MSN
Date : 1 Apr 2015


Wealth luck is moderate so do prepare for any eventuality of potential disruptions to your financial stability. Save your money for rainy days ahead. If you are in the academic or creative field, you may have a better chance of reaping some financial rewards due to your work recognition this year. In general, you should work hard for your wealth.


Wealth outlook is average this year so you can continue to keep your finances steady for as long as you do not venture into anything risky. Be conservative in your investment schemes and look out for the opportunity to earn extra income from someone of the opposite gender.


Wealth luck might not strong this year so keep a low profile on your finances and investments to avoid any losses. Stick to a budget and monitor your expenses closely and do not make any important financial decisions this year.


Luck is on your side so this is an excellent year to grow your wealth. Keep your eyes open for any financial opportunities that come your way. But do not be impulsive with your decisions and be greedy as there is still the potential for financial losses. Do your research and be meticulous before you invest in anything.


Your wealth is quite strong this year as all your ventures and investments will bring good financial rewards. Despite your good fortune, you will still need to monitor your finances carefully and be meticulous with any legal documents to avoid any risk of lawsuits or significant financial losses.


Your wealth will grow substantially this year. But with money coming in, take care not to squander it all in one go. Spend wisely to avoid any financial problems later. Opportunities for side income will present themselves and you should take advantage of them but do not spread yourself too thin.


Your wealth luck could be positive this year but it all depends on you to maintain it that way. Monitor your finances closely and be strict with your budget this year. This is because you have the tendency to be impulsive with your spending. Do not give in to impulse shopping because it could lead to financial problems if it persists.


There is a potential for financial losses this year if you are not careful with your budget. Be prudent and smart when spending your money. Despite your financial impositions, you also have the good fortune of receiving a windfall sometime this year.


There will be an improvement in your financial standing this year that can help build a strong foundation for your future. Though things are looking positively good for you, do not be greedy and always act sensibly when it comes to financial matters.


All your hard work will pay off this year if you persevere and remain diligent. Although your wealth luck maybe rocky in the beginning, all things will work themselves out, leaving you with a good financial standing later in the year.


Your wealth is flowing smoothly, so sharpen your mind to capitalize on this opportunity. Seek advice from financial experts and experienced friends before jumping into any serious financial commitments. It is also a good time to recuperate debts this year, so gather what you can.


The outlook for wealth is not strong this year as financial losses are a concern for you. Monitor your expenses closely because you have the tendency to overspend and be cheated if you are not careful. Even generating wealth will require more effort on your part as you will need sound advice to help you manage your money better this year.

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