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Interesting course. Although it is not easy to learn it in one day but Joey presented it clearly and in detail. Overall, this is very good and the presentation in very good too.

Chin Chien Tze, Malaysia

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Make a change to succeed
Source : The Star
Date : 9 Dec 2010
by Tee Lin Say

Learn how to succeed from master trainers at conference

ARE you living the life you wanted?

Is your career thriving? Is your bank account growing exponentially or your love life flourishing and bringing you fulfilment and happiness?

Let's face it. Most people have accepted normalcy and mediocrity as part and parcel of life. Day in and day out, there are many people who are resigned to a life of paying bills while having an unrespectable amount in the bank account.

It has been ingrained in most people's minds that they have little choice but to be salary-driven.

However, masters of empowerment, Joey Yap and Dr Lawrence Walter Ng believe that it is possible to achieve all that you want, and get the best out of life. It is the mindset that one must change.

Yap is master trainer and founder of Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, while Ng is the chief master trainer of Lawrence Walter Seminars.

Both emphasise that people only need to learn how to tap into their innate potential and challenge themselves to get more fulfillment out of life.

These masters will be speaking during a one-day conference on Sunday, specifically to show participants the right direction to empower their quantum growth and success for the New Year.

"Success is not impossible for everyone. Everyone is born with equal value in life, though not every life is equal in talent or giftedness. And how many of us are aware of our talents? Or know what to do with it? Every individual is given the will to decide what to do with their life, which path to take," said Yap.

He said if people wanted success, they needed to make a change towards it. One way to find out what change needs to be done is through awareness.

Dr Ng said that people who had attained great success were those who knew something that others did not.

"They are very aware of success principles that others are breaking every day." he said.

Dr Ng said successful people dared to do things differently and were innovative in their approach to improvement.

"Give them a problem and they can come out with 10 ways to solve it creatively. Average people keep doing the same things, again and again and expect new change or betterment," he said.

During the seminar, Yap will teach participants the techniques of Personality Profiling, a highly accurate and sophisticated system that can determine an individual's personality based on the date and time of birth.

Participants will learn how knowing oneself better can help one's chances of reaching his or her potential for success in life.

Meanwhile, Dr Ng will teach participants how to empower their quantum growth.

Dr Ng will take participants a step back for a moment to reflect on lessons to be learnt in 2010. Then participants need to get ready to make the leap in 2011.

He will teach participants the necessary skills for quantum growth and to embrace the level of acceptance as the new mindset of quantum change.

The conference will be held on Sunday from 10 am to 5pm at Berjaya Times Square Hotel 1, Kuala Lumpur.

For details, call 03-22848080.

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