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Another excellent excursion series, equal to last year. I am always left wanting more because of the quality of the information rather than lack of content. Many thanks again. Keep up the research!

Jayne Goodrick, United Kingdom

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Feng Shui 101 by Joey Yap: Water closet
Source : Star Property
Date : 26 Jan 2010

The water closet, or more commonly known as the toilet, has been given a lot of bad press in Feng Shui. Does it really flush away wealth, relationship, and other good things in life? While some have taken to placing trinkets in the washroom to prevent money from being flushed away, others have gone to the extent of relocating the toilets in their home. So, where is the best place, if any, to put toilets?

Before we go further, let us first get acquainted with some Feng Shui basics - the Three Important Factors when assessing the Feng Shui of any property.

These three factors are the main door, kitchen, and bedroom:

  • Main Door. In the previous article, I mentioned that the Main Door is the meeting point for Yin (internal) and Yang (external), therefore it acts as the 'mouth' where Qi (energy) enters the property. A good Main Door ensures that the entire building receives a healthy amount of Qi.
  • Kitchen refers to the stove. The stove is crucial because it is where food is cooked. When food is cooked it transforms from one state to another - Yin to Yang. A stove located at a prosperous sector of the house ensures that the occupants are well-nourished and healthy.
  • Bedrooms are where most of our time is spent to rejuvenate our bodies (Yin) after a hard day's work (Yang). As such, the bedroom's location directly affects the health and emotional well-being of its occupants. Generally, a well-supported bedroom is one that overlooks a hill or higher ground - the Qi there is stable and sentimental (as opposed to being fast-moving and aggressive).

Now, what about the toilet?

The water closet becomes a problem when the main door of a house is directly aligned with the bathroom door. What happens is that when Qi enters the property through the main door, it flows straight into the toilet - not allowing it to meander and flow throughout the building. As such, the house occupants will not be able to benefit from the energy that enters the property. This is especially true when the distance after the main door to the toilet door is less than 10 feet. In the long run, a layout like this depletes the positive life force (Yang Qi) of the occupants.

Today, there are those who spend up to hundreds of thousands to beautify their lavatories. As long as toilets are kept clean, there should not be any Feng Shui fuss over them. After all, we can't live without toilets!

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