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This is the second time I’m attending this course. Enjoyed it immensely. Able to get a much better grasp of the principles this time around.

Hung Hin Cheong, Malaysia

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External Feng Shui (Part1): A mountain guide for homebuyers
Source : Star Property
Date : 15 Mar 2010

The rule of classical Feng Shui when purchasing a property is to look for two natural features around the property - mountain and/or water. In the study of land formations, mountains represent the Yin (unmoving) component of the Earth, whereas water (rivers, lakes) is the Yang (active) component. Having both in the vicinity of your property would be ideal.

In the context of Feng Shui, an upward sloping land can be categorised as a "mountain". Within KL, areas such as Bangsar, Damansara Heights and TTDI, are considered hilly or mountainous. When an area carries the name 'bukit' (hills) or 'heights', it is normally a telltale sign that the housing areas there are situated on a mountain, or a hill, at the very least.

What constitutes a 'good' mountain/hill?
Ask yourself, "Is it green, lush and 'healthy' looking?", "Are there any cracks or 'broken patches'?". A lush mountain releases positive Qi, whereas a rocky mountain releases aggressive Qi. If you've been an avid house-hunter, you might realise that housing areas that do very well are always in the vicinity of good mountains!

When you've found the house you like, and it has a clear view of a beautiful green hill - what's next? Let's get a little technical.

Direction of the mountain/hill
Refer to your compass and measure the relative direction of that mountain to the (prospective) house. If the mountain is in the Northeast, West, Northwest or South, then it is advisable to purchase the house, as it will offer you and your family members good health, good relationships, and maybe even power and authority.

If the mountain is not in the abovementioned directions, check if the ground level is significantly higher, compared to the property. If it is, you will still receive some of the said benefits.

Caution: These mountain locations will only last you until year 2043! (Period 1 in Feng Shui terms). But most would agree it is good enough for now.

Click here to view the review in full.

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