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Great work! The presentation of the material, simply noble and elegant! Congratulations and may there be more success in the future.

Ricardo Pascual, Switzerland

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Classical Feng Shui: The Wisdom of Space
Source : Star Property
Date : 4 Sep 2010

The study of Feng Shui can be traced back to the ancient Chinese philosophy. History has it that Feng Shui has been practised since the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907) and had previously been used by the Chinese Imperial Family.

Over the last few decades, Feng Shui reached our civilization and has since remained controversial, with relentless questions surrounding its logic and philosophy. The controversies aside, there is no denying the significance of Feng Shui in the property business.

StarProperty chats with Joey Yap, the founder, CEO and master trainer of the Master Academy of Chinese Metaphysics on Classical Feng Shui and how it can bring positive changes to our environment.

Classical Feng Shui and Qi Flow
Many people do not know the difference between the New Age and Classical Feng Shui. While New Age Feng Shui is centred around the placement of objects and on décor, Classical Feng Shui, as advocated by professional Feng Shui consultants, is not item-based and instead focuses more on the "Qi flow" from the natural environment and on harnessing them based on the structure of one's property.

Classical Feng Shui is an environmental science that revolves around nature and how energies in our environment function.

On a deeper level, "Qi flow" is akin to "water flow" and the flow of Qi to your home (especially through the main door) should never be obstructed, both internally and externally. The Qi needs to flow naturally and not forced. The good news is that we can design our house as such that the Qi flows easily. One of the most common things suggested by professional Feng Shui consultants is to have your house located nearby slow moving traffic roads, as opposed to highways or straight T-junction roads.

The Market Appeal
According to Joey Yap, requests for Feng Shui assessments before buying a house are frequent. He believes that the influence or the 'need' for Feng Shui is steadily increasing.

"Most people won't buy a property if they know it has bad Feng Shui and they would not hesitate to invest in properties that are known to have better Feng Shui," Yap further added.

This explains the new trend within industry, whereby many developers incorporate Feng Shui philosophy into their layout and design. Such strategy has proved to be appealing to the market.

Click here to view the review in full.

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