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Dear Joey

Thank you so much for changing the Ba Zi teaching. It has been so interesting, showing to us all we can see now in a four-pillar chart. So much work to do now but so rewarding.

Helene Weber, France

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Sunday Spotlight: Young Malaysian millionaires
Source : New Sunday Times
Date : 23 May 2010

Joey Yap, 33, Feng Shui consultant

HE earned his first million when he was 26-years-old. Since then, Joey Yap, who will turn 33 in July, has only been earning more.

Besides being the founder of the Master Academy of Chinese Metaphysics - the first such global organisation devoted to the teaching of feng shui, Bazi, and other such similar subjects - he is the chief consultant of Yap Global Consulting, which specialises in feng shui and Chinese astrology services and audits.

He has also authored over 30 books, and hosts his own TV series - all on the subject of Chinese metaphysics.

He attributes his success to having differentiated himself in the industry right from the start.

"I'm not a fortune-teller. I don't tell people how their life is going to turn out. That's making statements and anyone can do that. I seek to help people understand their profile, their talents, and advise them on what to focus on and how, based on their individual strengths and weaknesses and to maximise their potential."

His client list includes not just individuals but also local and multinational conglomerates.

To be good at what he does, he reads a lot. "Not only books on metaphysics, but also business, management and more. Many consultants try to advise people without even a basic understanding of the fundamentals of business, like go and hang some red cloth somewhere and your business will succeed. How is that going to help a businessman solve his problems?"

His own experience in managing a business has also lent him an extra edge.

"The biggest obstacle I faced was a lack of experience when I first started out. I didn't know anything apart from accounting. Many people think that when your feng shui is good, everything will work out. That's not true. You still have to acquire the skills, the technical know-how to handle your business and make it successful."

Articulate, and able to command an audience of 3,000 or more, it is hard to imagine that Yap was once nervous when speaking to less than 10 people. "Just like the other skills, public speaking was something I had to acquire."

What drives him? "When I first started out, I thought this industry had been sorely misunderstood and misrepresented in many ways. I had a burning desire to rectify this. I'd like to believe that I have."

Success, to him, is not about money. It is about being remembered for one's deeds.

"When we leave this world, people will remember us for what we contributed to society."

Click here to view the review in full.

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