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This course is really a Master Practitioner course. No other course comes nearly as close, and I have done my homework and checked out the course materials of practically all BaZi courses worldwide from students who have done these courses. No other course comes anywhere close.Without this course, your information will be incomplete. A must for every practitioner of any branch of Chinese Metaphysics..

Sherry Merchant, India

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Feng Shui for 2014: Year of the Wood Horse
Source : Journey with LBS (Jan - Mar Vol5)
Date : 1 Jan 2014
by Joey Yap

As the slow and lethargic energy takes leave with the Water Snake (2013), 2014 will be a year filled with vitality, excitement and strength that is associated with the Wood Horse. However, before one gallops headlong into adventure, it is important to know what to encourage and what to avoid for 2014 in terms of Feng Shui to ensure a smoother year ahead for you.

The Qi on a property is governed by the stars and the Forms. By knowing what stars reside in which sectors of the property, you will be able to decide on how to best utilise or avoid areas of your property by understanding the potential or weakness of each sector based on the nature of energies present. Forms govern how Qi, which are determined by the stars, reacts at any given time. Good forms enhance the quality of a positive star and counteract negative energies while bad forms aggravate negative stars and nullify good energies.

Before you can tap into the beneficial Qi or identify the stars and energies which will influence your property throughout the year, you must identify the location of your Main Door and the various directional sectors of the property using the 9 Grids method. To do this, you will need a simple compass and your property floor plan. On it, draw a 3 by 3 grid as illustrated in this example:

Locate the center point of your property and from there, establish the North direction using the compass and mark it on the relevant grid or sector on your plan. Then, do the same with the other directions. Once completed, you will able to use these 9 Grids to identify the auspicious and inauspicious sectors in your property, and pinpoint the location of your Main Door.

Annual Afflictions

Energies present on a property are not exactly consistent and will change locations and directions annually coinciding with the Lunar New Year. There are specific directions which are generally marked as inauspicious due to the fact they bear ill-effects.

The Grand Duke Star takes residence in the South 2 sector for 2014. This is considered a highly inauspicious Star so it is imperative that you do not activate this sector as it may bring about a string of misfortunes ranging from accidents to health issues to the people staying in this property. To avoid inadvertently activating this sector, avoid any renovation or ground breaking works here. Whenever possible, spend as little time as possible in this sector. In an office environment, avoid using this sector, even for conferences and meetings as it will only result in bad outcomes. If this cannot to avoided, it is best to sit with your back against this sector in order negate its ill effects.

The 3 Killings Star concerns mostly with serious loss of wealth and material possessions due to theft, burglary, mishaps and accidents. In some extremes, it may result in health issues and complications. This year it takes its place in the North sector so take care to avoid any activity here and to keep it as quiet as possible.

Throughout the year, the most dangerous sector which must be avoided at all cost is the Northwest sector. Unstable Qi is present as the Five Yellow Star takes residence here this year. If avoidance is not possible, then steps must be taken in order to neutralise its effects by placing metal objects made of brass, iron or copper in this sector. Take note it is highly important to postpone any renovation plans you might have concerning this area to the following year. If this cannot be avoided, then you must select an auspicious date in order to proceed.

The North 2 sector is another sector to be avoided lest you incur the "Wrath of the Grand Duke". The latter is the other name for the Year Breaker Star and as the name implies, it can bring about undesirable consequences more severe than the Grand Duke Star. Again, take care to avoid any ground breaking activities or renovations in this sector. Refrain from making any loud noises such as blasting music or firecrackers in this sector.

The Eight Types of Houses in 2014

There are eight types of houses based on the location of the Main Door. For 2014, properties with the Main Door located in the North sector will benefit from the presence of the #9 Purple Star. This auspicious star which is also called the Secondary Wealth Starbrings good tidings in the form of happy celebrations, better wealth luck and improved fortunes in one's career. Aside from material gains, it also stirs creativity and improves human relations. However, take note as well there are two major afflictions located in this sector, which are the Three Killings and Year Breaker. Be extra cautious in terms of using this sector and avoid any unnecessary renovations which may aggravate these two afflictions.

Properties with the Main Door at the Northwest sector are at odds this year with the Five Yellow Star. Owners need not fret however because it just implies that you will have to avoid any form of redecorating, renovation or construction works in this area. Even minor things such as hammering, drilling or anything which will raise the noise level for this sector should be kept away lest you trigger the Five Yellow's negative effects. In fact, it may be more advisable to keep all activities away from this sector. If your home has more than one Main Door, you may want to avoid this one for the rest of the year.

Properties with the Main Door in the West sector will gain the advantage of the #6 White Star and that means a boost in career, reputation and other prospects. Regular usage of this sector in 2014 will bring markedly improved opportunities, especially if you are in the military, academic or sports field. Those in leadership or management roles will benefit in terms of increased wisdom and foresight. Businesses on premises with a Main Door located in this sector will see an enhancement in terms of networking and tactical skills. Be wary however, that the #6 White Star is not triggered by negative Forms such as tall structures visible in the West or it can turn malevolent - resulting in disruptions at work and health issues.

The #1 White Star brings with it important and benevolent individuals who can assist one in achieving his or her goals. This Star finds itself in the Southwest sector in 2014 so Main Doors located there will be able to benefit from this. Regular usage of this sector can also benefit those who are looking to expand in the fields of philosophy, literature or other academic endeavours and bring about improved opportunities at wealth and work. You may however, want to pay attention to the presence of any external Forms which exude strong Yang energies such as bodies of water or highways. If it is visible from this sector it can result in complicated emotional issues and depression.

Main Doors located in the South sector will benefit its occupants in the form of good financial gains from career, business or investments. The #8 White Star makes its home here this year and it signals smooth sailing for any wealth-related endeavours. Expect also better recognition and advancement in your career, especially if you have been working hard before to prove yourself. The presence of the Grand Duke Star in the South 2 sector however can make things difficult so do not undertake any renovations here this year. Be careful as well of negative Forms present externally here, as it could stunt growth and progress for the property's occupants.

Unless you are in a fast-paced profession, like lawyers, sales executives or athletes, you may want to avoid using your Main Door if it is located in the Southeast sector. The #3 Jade Star is present this year here and where it resides, there is bound to be conflicts, misunderstandings, gossips and backstabbings. Its energies represent dynamism, aggression and resoluteness. The aforementioned group however will be able to benefit from its active energies. Otherwise, take care to not trigger its ill effects by placing any water features here or you could soon find yourself in legal troubles. The ill effects of this sector can be minimized by the placement of an oil lamp or bright red objects here for the rest of the year.

If you Main Door is located in the East sector then it may be wise for you to regularly conduct health checkups as this is where the #2 Black Star, the traditional Sickness Star, is this year. As implied, occupants who use this sector will suffer from health related issues or even injuries. Pregnant women should avoid using this sector altogether as its negative energies could carry grave consequences on their delicate condition. Its ill effects can be minimized by placing items made of bronze, copper, pewter or brass in the East sector. Despite its negative impact, the star can also be beneficial due to the Indirect Wealth Star which represents lucrative returns from real estate and investment ventures. Main Doors which opens out to an unobstructed wide open space will largely benefit from this.

Due to the presence of the #7 Red Star, a Main Door located in the Northeast Sector could spell potential misunderstanding and miscommunication with the people around you - on top of other issues like internal sabotage and hidden agendas which could stunt your personal and professional growth. As the Robbery Star is also present here, the risk of theft and burglary runs high for any Main Doors located in the Northeast sector so it may wise to take extra precaution. Sharp edges which points directly at Northeastern Main Doors could further aggravate the situation by resulting in injury or surgery for occupants of the property. On the other hand, the presence of a pleasant looking hill means you will have the benefit of support from behind-the-scenes.

With this information, you will be able to reap the full benefits of what the Wood Horse year has to offer and know the pitfalls to avoid. Whenever in doubt, seek the advice of a professional consultant or get in touch with Joey Yap Consulting Group at +603 - 2284 1213 or email for a personal property consultation. Here's looking to a happy and prosperous year ahead!

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Dato' Joey Yap is the leading Feng Shui, BaZi and Qi Men Dun Jia consultant in Asia. He is an international speaker, bestselling author of over 160 books and master trainer in Chinese Metaphysics. He is also the founder of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics and the Chief Consultant of Joey Yap Consulting Group.


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