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Enjoy it very much.

Sia Beng Yen, Malaysia

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Joey Yap: Aquarium power
Source : Star Property
Date : 4 Jul 2012
by Joey Yap

It is not uncommon these days to notice huge aquariums stocked with various species of tropical fish.

It is probably a familiar sight at your workplace, your mother-in-law's house, your favourite mall or even in old-fashioned Chinese coffee shops.

In your urge to place an aquarium on your property, have you ever wondered the real objective, or rather the underlying purpose in feng shui practice, of having one in the first place?

Sure, they are pretty to look at - and some people do have a quirky fascination with staring at goldfish for hours - but are there something more to an aquarium than merely being part of your house d├ęcor?

When it comes to the study of feng shui, "water" reflects a major element in its applications and concepts. We all know that the Qi force or energy plays an important part in feng shui as well.

So, by putting two and two together, we can deduce that water in general has a role in diverting and influencing Qi. As the old saying goes, "Qi is dispersed by the winds and gathers at the boundaries of water."

And this is where your aquarium comes in. It provides the perfect medium for beneficial Qi to gather. To harness the Qi energy in your property more effectively, we tend to opt for lively, "moving" water to regulate the Qi and to keep it in motion. An aquarium, with all your beautiful fish, is all you need to achieve this seemingly arduous task.

Some of you may ask, why the aquarium? Why not a glass of water or an indoor waterfall? For better comprehension, one needs to understand that in feng shui, it is all about proportion.

A glass of water is simply not substantial enough to cause any special effect on Qi. Unless, your glass is 10-foot tall, then we're talking about something else. And we all know waterfall causes Sha Qi with its thunderous sound. Not to mention its exorbitant maintenance cost!

Harnessing Qi
An aquarium, with the correct size and practicality, is the perfect tool to harness Qi in your house. They are aesthetically pleasing, easy to maintain and fulfils all the right "requirements" of an indoor water feature for feng shui.

It is also accessible to people from all walks of life. The best part is, an aquarium can blend seamlessly with, if not enhance, your home interior and your personality.

Feng shui fanatics or not, you wouldn't want guests to walk into your house and be greeted with a gigantic, multi-level water feature complete with a huge, gleaming "money toad". So, for practicality, let's just stick to an aquarium for now.

Let's face it, no matter how auspicious the sound of a fish species, it has absolutely no effect in enhancing the feng shui of your house. The specimens are just there to swim around, look adorable and keep the water in your aquarium lively and active.

Correct placement
Since, we're in the midst of debunking myths associated with the aquarium, it is the perfect time to dispel another myth. That, the placement of water on the right side of the main door can have an effect on relationships. This is an old wives' tale that by doing so, it can cause infidelity among the occupants. As long as the location is suitable, you can place your aquarium anywhere in relation to your main door.

It is important to note the correct placement of an aquarium in your house.

As discussed earlier, the purpose of an aquarium is to regulate and harness the Qi on your property. So, where to place your aquarium? Think of your tank as your money. You will usually place your money in the bank that provides the highest interest rate. Similarly, you should place your tank where the Qi is the strongest. That way, the abundant positive Qi can be harnessed to your advantage.

Understanding such factors, water may seem like an easy element to "handle", but on the contrary, it is not. Water is extremely tricky to work with, and there are many rules and exceptions associated with this essential element.

To understand and apply this subject in the proper manner, I recommend one of my books in the Fengshuilogy Series, Your Aquarium Here. It has all the essential information about Water Feng Shui and its application using the aquarium.

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Dato' Joey Yap is the leading Feng Shui, BaZi and Qi Men Dun Jia consultant in Asia. He is an international speaker, bestselling author of over 160 books and master trainer in Chinese Metaphysics. He is also the founder of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics and the Chief Consultant of Joey Yap Consulting Group.


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