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I am really very happy to be able to attend this class. It has really given me a new insight into the real world of Feng Shui. And to be able to do it on a mega scale. Not many people have the chance to do it.

My appreciation to Master Joey for this unselfish manner in providing to all the formulas and answers to our queries.

Best of all, at least I know I didn't have to go around chasing for directions and unnecessary formulas. I look forward to attending more courses with Joey because I know I am in good hands.

Jerry Koh Kok Kiang , Singapore

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Door to Fortune
Source : Home & Decor
Date : 1 Jan 2012
by Joey Yap

How will 2012 affect you? Feng Shui expert, Joey Yap gives an overview of what's in store based on the direction of your main door.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of harnessing the natural forces of nature to promote prosperity, harmony, vitality and constructive changes in our lives. The earth's gravity, electromagnetic fields, directional influence and its surrounding constellations all place some form of emphasis on our actions. Feng Shui enables us to understand these aspects of our living environment and allows us to tap or tune into our natural beneficial cycle or position, thereby enabling us to be in tune with our environment rather than against it. By doing so, we can perform better, see and seize opportunities as they arise, and function optimally in all aspects of our lives.

In Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia where this art is practised with high standards, Feng Shui Masters are engaged by large corporate bodies as consultants, to help them with building designs, town planning and house designs, to ensure good outcomes and the smooth sailing of their businesses.

Within our homes, we can improve Feng Shui potential by tapping into the power of Qi. Two elements are of essence here: location and direction. If you take a closer look at the events in your life and the opportunities life has presented you, some of these factors will definitely have played a crucial role in all of them:

  • The water and mountain positions you have in the vicinity of your home
  • The location and direction of your main door
  • The location in your bedroom and
  • The location of your kitchen

Indeed, the influence of "location" - be it in a city, a suburb, a township, within your house, the rooms - is a powerful factor that shapes our lives. In a larger context, our property should ideally be tapping into the beneficial resources of the surrounding land. Environmental factors are powerful. At the same time, we can tailor the internal Qi to fit our lives. Similarly, in your house or office, facing a good direction may be helpful.

Of course, being in a disadvantaged location may negate the good effects of facing your good direction - which is why I constantly stress the importance of positioning your main door - the mouth of Qi - in the right location in addition to having it face the correct direction. You want it to receive the best possible quality of Qi in your house and facing a favourable direction amplifies this effect.

In order to tap into the beneficial Qi of the year and the kind of Qi that will influence your home in 2012, it is important to be able to identify the various directional sectors of your home and also determine which sector your main door is located.

How to ascertain the Location of your Main Door

Step 1: Divide your house into the '9 Grids'. To do this, you just need a simple scout's compass and a plan of your house. On the plan of your house, draw the 9 Grids as illustrated in Fig A.

Step 2: Next, stand in the centre point of your house and establish the North direction using the compass. On the plan of your house, mark out the sector in that direction as North and then identify all the other directions according to the directions of the compass.

Step 3: Using the simple 9 Grids, you will be able to identify the favourable and unfavourable sectors in your home and make less or more use of the corresponding rooms in the home. You will also be able to ascertain the location of your main door and from there, determine what kinds of energies will influence your home in 2012.

Main Door in North Sector
In the presence of positive external features like water formations on the North, this sector brings beneficial opportunities in terms of wealth, where you will be able to reap good rewards through real estate and property investments. However, the Illness or Sickness Star of the year flies into this sector this year. This means you need to prepare for potential health issues if your door is in this sector.

Main Door in Northwest Sector
The presence of a hill or higher ground outside the Northwest sector will bring beauty and power or authority for women who use this door frequently. But also be wary of the Robbery Star. It is the harbinger of injury, arguments and loss of jobs to those using this sector, especially when it is afflicted by negative features like sharp roof or beams.

Main Door in West Sector
This sector is home to the Wealth Star of the year. This indicates good financial returns and stability, and the high possibility of career advancement. The auspicious effect is stronger for those involved in the jewellery business. The positive effects are doubled if a mountain or higher ground is present externally on the West. However, people living in a property with negative external water features on the West need to be more cautious in what they do as they are likely to be swindled or conned this year.

Main Door in Southwest Sector
On the bright side, those working in the public-speaking industry or planning to establish new ventures should use this Southwest door, as it will enhance the growth of wealth. This can be further improved when positive external features, which are open and spacious, are also present on this sector. However, the Argument Star may bring potential legal issues and lawsuits, disputes, disagreements, office politics and bullying cropping up if you use this sector often.

Main Door in South Sector
The Nobleman Star steps into action in the South sector this year, which indicates plenty of assistance and guidance at your time of need from helpful people, especially those of the opposite sex. Using the South door often will ensure smooth sailing progress of any endeavours. This Star is also very auspicious and beneficial when it is externally supported by mountains, hills or higher ground.

Main Door in Southeast Sector
This is the most negative sector of 2012, as the risk of mishaps, hazards, health problems and complications are high. Avoid any renovations, no matter how minor, in this sector at all cost. The negative effects are particularly dangerous for properties facing the Northwest but sitting on the Southeast sector. It is also best not to make any new career moves if you are using this Southeast door often.

Main Door in East Sector
The Peach Blossom Star is radiating much love and romance in this sector for 2012. This brings positive effects for those seeking new relationships or wanting to enhance their existing one. This Star can be activated with a small internal water feature - not a large external one. Otherwise, the occupants of the property will risk being entangled in scandals. Keep the East sector bright and open to activate the positive effects of the Academic Star, which also appears here this year.

Main Door in Northeast Sector
Expect current and new relationships to be blissful as the Happiness Star beams down on the Northeast sector this year. For couples looking to start a family this year, use this sector to tap into the Star's positive effects. The secondary Wealth Star of the year also resides in this sector. It is the bringer of good fortune in terms of property and new projects. The presence of external features such as a hill or higher ground on the Northeast sector will also bring glamour and fame to those who use this door frequently.

Read more about 2012's Feng Shui in Joey Yap's book 'Feng Shui for 2012 - Your Personal Feng Shui Guide'. For more information, log on to, or call +603-2284-8080.

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Dato' Joey Yap is the leading Feng Shui, BaZi and Qi Men Dun Jia consultant in Asia. He is an international speaker, bestselling author of over 160 books and master trainer in Chinese Metaphysics. He is also the founder of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics and the Chief Consultant of Joey Yap Consulting Group.


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