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Loved the course. I would love to see Module 2 in DVD format.

Rose Lopez de Vaughan, U.S.A.

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The Astrological Forecast For 2010
Source : Creative Home (Issue074)
Date : 1 Dec 2009
by Joey Yap


The Year of the Metal Tiger is likely to be rather challenging with a few curveballs thrown your way. You're likely to see a few interesting problems come up throughout the year, but it's nothing that will keep the Tiger down for long. You'll be able to use these changes for your own betterment.

Career: This year, your career path does not progress as smoothly as you'd like, and you'll have to make more of an effort to see some gains and recognition at the workplace. Most importantly, the Tiger should reign in the roars in times of anger and stress, and make more of an effort to exercise patience. Strive to cultivate good relations with your superiors and colleagues, as well as your customers and clients. Try not to rock the boat this year.

Wealth: Don't put all your eggs into one basket this year, as wealth will not be easily forthcoming. You will face some difficulties in acquiring and maintaining financial gains. It will not be a good year for major investments or for any sort of gambling activities, as the money that you spend will not bring in any returns.

Relationships: You're likely to face some hurdles this year where relationships are concerned, as well. Those of you who are already in relationships will run into conflicts and problems that could lead to stronger disagreements. But it could also be the catalyst that could lead to greater intimacy between both partners. Single Tigers are unlikely to find many possibilities for romance this year.

Health: There is an increased risk of injuries and accidents this year, so you'll have to be more careful than usual. Try to stay away from dangerous, high-risk activities- including any form of extreme sports. Be careful when using sharp metal implements and tools. It will be a good year to embark on a full medical check-up or undergo some form of medical treatment.


The Rabbit has much to look forward to in 2010. You'll be able to rally through the Year of the Metal Tiger with much help from your friends and Noble People. In general, however, be on guard against possible romantic and legal entanglements that could pose a few problems. You will have to be careful of overly greedy desires and steer clear of dodgy deals and negotiations.

Career: Success won't come easy at the workplace this year, but it will come with hard work and just a smidgen of blood, sweat and tears! 2010 is not the year to take it easy and rest on your laurels. If you're proactive and resourceful, you could be next in line for a promotion. Persevere at your work even when it seems like the going us tough.

Wealth: Good news is in store for Rabbits where finances are concerned, as it will be a good year for wealth. The key trait for this year, where money is concerned, is balance- you will find that your expenditures don't exceed your income. This is a good thing, and you'll want to cultivate this habit further! You'll have good luck in making steady income and see a growth in your savings.

Relationships: As your romantic luck will be somewhat complicated this year, romance and relationships will not be at the forefront of your life. Those of you who are single will find it difficult to find a partner or companion. Battle your occasional bouts of loneliness by cultivating your relationships with friends and family. Married or attached Rabbits shouldn't take their stability for granted. Avoid looking for excitement in all the wrong places.

Health: Don't take your physical wellbeing for granted this year, as it's not the best year for your health. You might succumb to quite a few illnesses, as poor health combined with a low immune system will even lead you to catch a few bugs that are going around. Make it a priority to make some improvements to your daily health habits- such as proper herbs or supplements to boost your immunity.


The Dragon will have to be prepared for a year of hard work and challenges in 2010, but nothing that is beyond your outstanding capabilities. The best way to deal with the pressures that might arise is to take frequent travel trips, whether for work of for pleasure. It can provide the kind of respite you need from your regular load.

Career: The challenges in store for your career this year will only serve to hone and polish you for future success. Any setbacks or problems faced in your professional life can be used as a catalyst for growth and improvement. But most importantly, don't let your stress show in your work. No matter what you do this year, ensure that you do it whole-heartedly and with dedication.

Wealth: Because you dream and plan big, your expectations also tend to be high. But this year, you need to accept that your wealth luck isn't as strong as you want it to be. It will be good if you can stick to your budget and refrain from over-spending. Don't jump into any investments blindly and without forethought. So refrain from blowing all your money on luxuries and short-term necessities.

Relationships: The Dragon is on rocky-territory this year where relationships are concerned, and you may lose your footing more than once. In fact, everything related to romance is likely to be complicated and problematic for the duration of the year. Those of you who are in relationships may get caught up in disputes over trivial and minor matters that could lead to serious consequences.

Health: This year, you will need to pay special attention to your safety while on the road. You'll also have to work on improving your dietary habits, and strive to make exercise a regular part of your daily routine. Find ways to improve and strengthen your immune system. If you develop any signs or symptoms, it will be best to get it checked out and focus on receiving preventive treatment.


The Snake can enjoy a pretty good outlook for 2010, and you'll have opportunities cropping up that will help you navigate away from any challenges or problems that may arise. You'll be able to manoeuvre your way out of any sticky situations with the help of Noble People and fortuitous circumstances.

Career: By practising patience and putting in good effort, you will find yourself working well with your superiors and colleagues, and doing well on the professional front. It will be important for you to cultivate this, as any lack of understanding and cooperation will affect your working relationship.

Wealth: In general, it will be a very good year for you in terms of wealth, but bear in mind that you could have a few legal troubles and wrangles in store- especially as how it relates to money. It will be a good year to find ways to create passive income. Also, focus on building tie with your colleagues and co-workers.

Relationships: Those of you who are involved in relationships will find that you stand a very good chance of tying the knot this year. If you're serious and committed to your relationships, don't hesitant to make the move and take the plunge! Single Snakes will also find it a good year to meet prospective romantic partners.

Health: Your health outlook for the year is quite positive, but be sure not to take your physical condition for granted. Try to make it a year of good changes, and attempt to incorporate new and healthy dietary habits. In addition, you should also attempt to enforce an exercise routine this year.


You have a very good year in store for you in 2010, with things generally working in your favour. Despite occasional setbacks, you will find yourself being helped and assisted by many people, which will lead to you faring considerably better than some of the other Animal Signs this year.

Career: The outlook for your career situation is very positive, and there is the likelihood of possible promotions and professional advancement. But you'll have to deal with your share of office politics, backstabbing, and betrayal. You will have assistance in battling these problems, though.

Wealth: As long as you focus on making your career a success, your wealth is also likely to improve. Your finances will also do well in tandem with your professional growth. Make the most of the opportunities in store, and think about how you can make your money work hard for you.

Relationships: Horses who have been involved in long-term, committed relationships will likely tie the knot this year. If you've long thought about marriage, make the necessary preparations this year. Single people will have to take on the role of Cupid for themselves and go after the people in whom they're interested.

Health: While you may not suffer from any major illnesses, you are likely to endure fevers, and possible skin problems like pimples and blemishes. Coughs and heart trouble is also likely.


There aren't too many problems in store for the Goat this year, with not many obstacles hampering your progress. There is a likelihood of marriage for single Goats, and some changes on your career front. But there may be hidden risks involved with these changes. Therefore, the Goat needs to be on guard.

Career: Where your career is concerned, the Goat will most likely have to play the role of the busy worker bee for a large part of the year. Don't take it as a bad sign to have too much work on your hands, as this is a mark if increased responsibility. In fact, you'll be setting mouths open in wonder with your superb work this year.

Wealth: There is plenty of luck for you where wealth pursuits are concerned, so this is the year to go after it. Give it your all, and you're likely to see your efforts pay off. You may have to burn midnight oil slightly more frequently, and may have to push a bit harder. Working just a little bit more help to generate fair bits of income.

Relationships: You'll enjoy very good romantic luck this year. Chances are quite high that you'll find a potential partner this year if you're single, so you'll need to get around a lot more often and start looking. Don't be hesitant to turn on your charm and pour on the wit- you'll soon have someone with whom you can hold hands and watch movies at the cinema.

Health: Your health outlook for the year is pretty good, and you will only have to contend with some minor health ailments. This will largely be gastrointestinal issues and indigestion.


Monkeys are likely to experience a mixed year in 2010, but there are definite opportunities for you to be able to scramble up the tree of success. If you stay positive and are committed to taking the right actions, there will be ways in which you'll be able to capitalize on what seem like problems and make the most of what you have.

Career: You'll have an interesting, varied and complex year at the workplace in 2010. While it might initially seem troubling, it will allow you to shine by bringing your problem-solving gifts to the fore. You need to be wity enough to make the most of these problems, and success will arrive in due time.

Wealth: In 2010, it will be imperative for you to keep an eagle eye on your expenditures and be a little more careful with your money. If you're keen to make some important purchases, time to do so would be during the beginning of the year. While you may not necessarily be a bad thing- as it could help you enjoy a more improved quality of life.

Relationships: Your romance luck is not too strong this year, and those of you who are married or committed, long-term relationships should make an effort to get to know your partner better. It will be a perfect year to talk frankly with one another about your problems, and strive to reach a compromise. Single Monkeys are unlikely to meet their partners this year.

Health: In the upcoming year, you should strive to make health a priority. Be careful when using sharp implements and tools, and bear in mind that you will also be prone to respiratory illnesses.


2010 is a good year for the Rooster, and you can expect to enjoy a better forecast compared to the other Animal Signs. There will be chances for you to find opportunities to propel your life forward in new and exciting ways.

Career: You are likely to do very well in your career this year, as you'll be bestowed with king-like qualities in abundance – that is, if you know how to use it. You will be able to ascend the career ladder and enjoy a promotion, as well as gain the respect and admiration of the people around you.

Wealth: You will probably spend more than you thought throughout 2010. However, do bear in mind that not all spending is bad spending, and this star heralds expenditures on good times with friends and luxuries. While this can improve your spirits, you need to guard against excessive spending.

Relationships: Single Roosters will have trouble finding love easily this year. Some effort will be required on your part, and you might be better-advised against pursuing romance this year. Concentrate on your career, and as you will be able to meet like-minded people through your work – this can work out for you.

Health: You will be able to enjoy satisfactory health for the most part this year. But there will be small and minor problems to overcome. As this won't be serious, you should not be overly-concerned. Just pay more attention to your dietary habits and make a concentrated effort to exercise more this year.


2010 will place a few obstacles in front of the Dog. You'll have to sniff around for some opportunities lurking around in the corner in order to get ahead. While your outlook is much better than that of 2009, you will not be able to progress smoothly and completely unhindered. Those of you in the creative or artistic fields are likely to enjoy a good outcome throughout the year.

Career: Your career progress in 2010 will require some amount of effort from you. You may find it quite a taxing year, and will need a few helping hands to come to your rescue. But if you hang in there and work doubly hard, you will see the results. As others coast by with minimal effort, you'll find your hard work laying the seeds of achievement for the future.

Wealth: There are reasons to celebrate where money is concerned this year. You'll have some favourable luck that will help you to gain a few inroads toward financial success. But, just be careful during the beginning of the year, as you'll have to sustain a small financial loss before you're able to see any tangible financial profits or rewards.

Relationships: Romance luck doesn't really favour single Dogs this year, and you're quite likely to remain single and available for quite awhile longer. It will be better for you to focus on your career, or some other aspect of your life. But those who have been in relationships for awhile will find yourselves ready to broach the subject of marriage.

Health: Avoid indulging in fatty food this year. In particular, steer clear of fried, greasy stuff. Be careful of potential skin-related diseases and problems as well.


The Year of the Metal Tiger has some positive ramifications for the Pig. The less-than-positive effects of the previous year begin to come your way. Therefore, you should strap yourself in for a fun and eventful ride! In general, your life situation will see a definite improvement.

Career: There will be plenty of opportunity for you to advance in your career and professional life by leaps and bounds this year. However, this depends on how willing you are to work hard and put in the extra effort. As long as you do that, you'll enjoy the opportunities that come with increased authority.

Wealth: This year, you're likely to enjoy an increase in your income. But bear in mind that you'll also be spending quite a bit more! Therefore, to make that extra cash worth your while, be more vigilant with your expenditures this year. It's not the year to be careless and carefree with your finances, despite the extra money coming in.

Relationships: While Cupid will not be shooting this arrow at you throughout the year, this is no reason to feel down. There is still a possibility for you to enjoy good romantic luck during family gatherings and special occasions. You should make the effort to get out more often and involve yourself in social events.

Health: Your health outlook for the year is generally good, but you can't afford to take your good physical condition for granted. You must make a concentrated effort to eat well and incorporate an exercise routine. Also, be careful of potential accidents and injuries.


This year, the Rat can expect to enjoy its fair share of interesting activities and will enjoy opportunities to make more money. But keep in mind that your progress will not be completely smooth and unhampered this year. If you can keep an even keel and be prepared for occasional obstacles, it will be better for you.

Career: Your career situation does not improve too much compared to the previous year. You'll still have to negotiate some amount of uncertainty that seeps over from 2009. The best plan of action is to keep your head down and work hard, because you'll be laying down concrete groundwork for future good results.

Wealth: The good news is that the Rat is likely to see dollar signs in mostly all that you do this year. But keep in mind that it will not be one smooth, level plane of increase, and be prepared for the occasional bumps along the way that may hamper your development. Some risk of money loss is likely.

Relationships: Where matters of the heart are concerned this year, you'll have to put in more effort and work harder than you're used to in terms of romance. Single Rats will not find the romantic playing field very welcoming this year, and as such you will be better off not using too much of your energy and focus on trying to win the game.

Health: There are some minor, niggling health problems in store for you this year- but don't worry, as these are not serious. It will be a good year to improve your health and dietary habits and make a significant change for the better.


The Ox can expect to exhale with relief in 2010, as the Year of the Metal Tiger is likely to be a smooth one for you. There will be opportunities for you to make ample moves forward, and fix whatever problems you may be having in your life with some concrete actions and strategies.

Career: You will 2010 kind to you in terms of professional progress, and it will be a good year to make advancements in your career despite some tiny setbacks that might occur from time to time. You'll be receiving lots of help and assistance from Noble People who will be more than willing to pull you out of any sticky situations.

Wealth: Because you know that slow and steady wins the race, in 2010 you're likely to be reaping the financial benefits of your stable progress. Your chances of doing well in terms of wealth are directly related to your ability to continue moving forward in a sure and stable manner.

Relationships: It's a good year for matters of the heart, and there is a likelihood of all things rosy and romantic for the Ox in 2010. Those of you already in long-term relationships will hear the wedding bells ringing this year. Single people will find it easy to get the ball rolling, so to speak, so don't be afraid to turn on the charm in full force.

Health: There are potential health problems or risks and dangers in store for you in 2010, but it will not be entirely bad. Just be prepared for occasional health issues to plague you on and off throughout the year. There will be some mental and emotional pressure to deal with this year, as well.

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Dato' Joey Yap is the leading Feng Shui, BaZi and Qi Men Dun Jia consultant in Asia. He is an international speaker, bestselling author of over 160 books and master trainer in Chinese Metaphysics. He is also the founder of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics and the Chief Consultant of Joey Yap Consulting Group.


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