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News & Events

Joey's First Cantonese Seminar a Resounding Success
Sunday, June 14 2009

The pre-event ticket registration excitement

The crowd fills up the hall and awaits Joey in anticipation

Joey and Chui Ling keep the audience entertained

The Plenary Hall at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre was a thriving spot of activity from the early hours of Sunday, June 14. Joey Yap' s first Cantonese seminar was taking place at the venue, and the excitement could not be denied. Titled ' Walking the Dragons,' the seminar was a spin-off of Joey' s bestselling book of the same title, as well as the popular TV show, ' Walking the Dragons with Joey Yap,' that aired over the course of March and April on Malaysia' s Astro Network.

The seminar participants started trickling in early to register their seats, with many taking the opportunity to browse through the products that were set up on various booths. Joey' s latest books were a clear draw for many, while for others who were first-timers to a Joey Yap event were happy to browse through many of his classic bestsellers as well as his essential tools and reference texts.

This seminar was little different from Joey' s previous ones, firstly because it was Joey' s first non-English seminar, and secondly because Joey had a special guest join him on stage - Wong Chui Ling - who acted as host. Chui Ling was also one of the hosts for the ' Walking the Dragons with Joey Yap' TV show, in addition to being a famous entertainment personality in her own right - so the audience had plenty to look forward to!

Chui Ling began proceedings by introducing Joey to the audience. When Joey took to the stage at around 10 AM, he was greeted by resounding applause. After some witty banter was exchanged between him and Chui Ling, Joey started off the seminar by talking about Feng Shui. He began by explaining the rudimentary basics of Feng Shui, conveying to the audience the importance of Feng Shui principles in achieving success in life. Joey demonstrated this by citing fascinating examples from China' s past history - by explaining the Feng Shui principles at work in the tombs of the famous emperors of the illustrious dynasties. The effects of good Feng Shui on the final resting places of these emperors on their descendants and dynasties was immense - and Joey helped the audience see the connection between Feng Shui and actual life!

He then segued into the topic of Face Reading, relating the effects of Feng Shui on the individual luck of a person, and how this can be discerned from the face. Joey taught the audience some basic Face Reading principles, giving them a starting point from which to base their interpretations.

There was a short midmorning break for participants to stretch their legs and recharge their batteries, and then the seminar resumed with Joey delving into BaZi (Chinese Astrology). While Joey showed the audience members how to read and analyse their BaZi charts to understand their personal fortune and outlook, he also showed how to apply principles of Face Fortune to see how Face Reading and BaZi often interrelate.

The seminar then broke-up for 1 ½ hour lunch, after which the seminar resumed in full force on the topic of Face Reading. Participants spent the remaining hours learning how the face - which we often take for granted, considering how much of time we spend looking at a variety of faces each day! - can reveal intricate details about a person' s ability to relate to the other people, situations, and circumstances.

While Joey' s humorous and chatty style kept audience members fully engaged throughout, Chui Ling' s presence added an interesting new flavour to the proceedings. Their repartee kept the audience in stitches, while Chui Ling' s relevant and pertinent questions to Joey enabled them to understand better the classical Feng Shui principles and techniques that were being discussed.

After the seminar, participants had a chance to get their books signed by Joey. This saw, as usual, an overwhelming number of people keen to get Joey' s personal autograph and to exchange a few words with him. Plenty of others also grabbed their last opportunity to browse the products and services booths, and speak with the MA consultants, instructors, and staff.

Joey' s Walking the Dragons seminar thus ended on a high note, and was truly an enjoyable experience and resounding success.

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Dato' Joey Yap is the leading Feng Shui, BaZi and Qi Men Dun Jia consultant in Asia. He is an international speaker, bestselling author of over 160 books and master trainer in Chinese Metaphysics. He is also the founder of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics and the Chief Consultant of Joey Yap Consulting Group.


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