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"Be the change you want to see in the world."
Mahatma Gandhi - advocate of non-violent social protest, who led the struggle for India's independence from British colonial rule

Does living a successful career life mean not settling for less than what you deserve? Mediocrity is not an option for you? Do you crave for all the financial abundance you can imagine?

The good news is you already have within you what it takes to live that life today. You only need to learn how to tap into your innate potential and challenge yourself to get more fulfilment out of life.

Introducing to you the BaZi Profiling Event of the Year - "Joey Yap's Career and Wealth Profiles Seminar". Learn personally from Joey the tools you need to lead a life of your own design.

This one full day of intensive and comprehensive sharing is designed to awaken your inner performer to achieve peak performance. Working with your inner strengths will allow you to shine, and success will come easier and quicker because it is your path of least resistance!

Speaking as a guest at the same seminar is Adam Khoo, a prominent Singapore-based peak performance trainer, best-selling author and leading business entrepreneur.

Register now to start knowing who you are... and then move full steam ahead!

Be prepared & print out your BaZi Profile before you come to the seminar.

Following Joey's explanations during the seminar session on Astrology will be a pinch with your profile handy!

"Enjoyed Joey's sense of humour and insight. Loved how he simplified abstract theories into chunks of practical information - stuff we can actually use. Also found it special being part of such a large, appreciative audience."
Karen Lowrey, Malaysia

"Found the annual stars useful. Also the parts about Astrology, especially how it helps in career and relationships. The Face Reading part was completely new to me, and fascinating. And very good tips on how to activate good Qi for your home. All delivered in a jovial, funny manner!"
Yap Bee Eng, Malaysia