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Men Can't wear dresses, but women can always wear the pants.

Learn the right strategies that will get you ahead. Discover new mindsets that will lead you to successful outcomes. Acquire new tools to that will give you the unfair advantage over the male of the species.

In this two-day event, we will cover BaZi (Chinese Astrology) and Face Reading as well as bonus topics such as Speaking and Personal Grooming. See full details here.

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What's New In
Women Of Power 2016?

We’ve put together one of our best programs in years for the WOP 2016 and assembled ‘ready solutions’ which attendees can apply immediately. We’ve also included bonus topics that would surely tickle your fancy. Check them out.

Day 1

Love, Sex & Lies

Bazi & Face Reading

Designed to give Quick and easy answers without the need to learn the complexities of the entire BaZi systems and codes. Learn to decode your personal BaZi in topical case studies.
  • Marrying Young
  • Divorce
  • Husband's Wealth & Qualities
  • Conceiving A Child
  • Finding True Love or Just Romance
  • Cheater Beater

Flower Power

Career, Business and Money


  • Will I be more successful than my husband?
  • Should I be working full time or from home?
  • Am I suited for business or employment?
  • What is my 'boss luck'?
  • Suitable Careers?

Bonus Session

Gracefully Deadly

The Secrets of Inner Seduction
By Janice Yap
You can buy romance, but not love,
You can buy luxury, but not class,
You can buy obedience, but not respect.

No person is an island. Success in our lives depends a lot on the people around us and our ability to nurture meaningful connections with them.

Want to take your career and relationships to the next level? Discover the power of proper etiquette and how you can use it to instantly influence people, boost your social standing & improve your relationships!

Day 2

Empowering Your Relationships


When it comes to relationships, BaZi is a great tool if not the best to navigate the complexities of human behavior and dynamics. Relationship Works is an awesome introductory class to using BaZi for Women.
  • Leverage On Your Unique Powers
  • Getting Connected Emotionally With Your Partner
  • Experience Love More Deeply With Your Man
  • Increase Juiciness, Fun, Intimacy And Sexuality In Your Relationships
  • Avoiding Self Sabotage
  • Removing the Inner Blocks

The Husband / Boyfriend Star

The 7 Killings and The Direct Officer


  • Do I have any?
  • Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now?
  • Compatibility based on Date of Birth
  • Is He A Foreigner or Local?

Bonus Session

The Art of Looking Good

The fashion rules that you must obey
By Jill Yong
Personal Grooming
While the cut, style and fit of your clothes as well as accessories are important, the first thing that most people notice is the COLOR.

By choosing the right color, it helps you pull the entire ensemble together; making you stand out with your best features that help to established the first 60 seconds great impact on other’s first and lasting impression of you.
    What will you take home :-
  • Know Yourself - What is your best asset
  • Know Your Needs - How to dress your proportions
  • Find Your Colour - Identify your skin tone
  • Tips & Tricks of Mix & Match

Keynote Speakers

Janice Yap

Janice Yap is a successful author, vocal coach, and award-winning vocalist & songwriter. A well-known personality in the entertainment industry, she has held significant roles as a DJ for a ground-breaking English radio station, and as a TV presenter.

Her many years of experience in the entertainment, performing arts, radio and television industries has given her valuable insight on the power of proper etiquette and its ability to open doors and transform lives.

Etiquette, the customary code of behaviour, is commonly known but rarely well-understood. A gifted communicator and an astute observer of human behaviour, Janice is well-versed with how proper etiquette can be used to get noticed, excel and stand out in every occasion.

Learn from Janice Yap as she brings you on this journey of etiquette discovery, and begin seeing improvements in all your relationships today!

Linda Seck

Linda is an established Feng Shui consultant and speaker based in Singapore. She also currently works as a sales distributor in the wellness industry. She graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a bachelors degree in Business Studies (Banking and Finance) in 1994. After years of working in that field, Linda found herself exploring the world of Chinese Metaphysics.

Coming from the field of sales, business development, events, and management, Linda believed that Chinese Metaphysics has a unique way to significantly improve her career and life in general. It started out with simple curiosity and reinforced by the people she has met along the way; now she continually pursue her studies and research on the subject, mastering it day by day.

Today, Linda is a recognized Feng Shui practitioner and in-demand speaker. Her clientele includes businessmen and other professionals. Her expertise and past corporate experience helps them to achieve their financial goals and various aspects of their life and career.

Jill Yong

With more than a decade’s worth of experience in the beauty and fashion industry, Jil’s primary focus has always been in the teaching and training sectors in particular and thus, ideally sealing her stronghold as a Creative Advisor.

Aside from developing training programmes and conducting over hundreds of beauty workshops in both private beauty schools and public events across Malaysia as well as Singapore and Brunei, her body of work in the creative art of the makeup also covers the areas of fashion shows and events, stage performances, print and broadcast media, as well as grooming consultations. Having a strong foundation from being a graduate with the multiple diplomas in the areas of professional makeup, hair styling as well as fashion, theatre, and media makeup, her portfolio includes working with numerous renowned international brands such as Franck, Cvstos, Calvin Klein and Christian Lacroix, just to name a few. Jil also constantly appearing on Astro’s,8TV and NTV7’ talk shows such as GoShop, 8Style,women’s Zone, Morning Breakfast Show, Good Morning Tai Tai,etc. As the makeup artist behind the “Best Totalk Look” at 2008’s MODA, Jil’s invaluable experience and passion to share can only serve for the betterment of any students under tutelage.

1 Divorce In Every 10 Minutes

- The

Everyone has different goals and prorities, but ultimately they all lead back to wanting to just be happy. Easier said than done?

Here are some questions that would be answered if you become part of this program:
  • Why am I not feeling loved or appreciated?
  • Why am I still single?
  • How do I balance between my career and family?
  • How can I let go?
  • What do I need to do to get that promotion?
  • Should I stay in this job?

Program Fees

of Power 2016

The Women's Only BaZi Class

3rd and 4th September 2016

The Joey Yap Conference Center

All by your lonesome

RM 1,300

Save RM500

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And A Bestie

RM 1,900

Save RM1,100

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A Personal Note from Joey Yap

I’ve met with a lot of successful people in my line of work. Unsurprisingly, a good number of them are ladies.

I couldn’t agree more with the notion that behind every successful man is an even more successful woman. What I noticed,however, is that not every successful woman has a successful man behind her.

Whether you have found success or not, I believe that with a better understanding of yourself, we achieve more in life just by empowering the relationships that we have. Most men lead their lives with an easy excuse that career are all that matters, and everything else will follow. The sad thing is, this somewhat works.

Women have a come a long way in the entire history of mankind. Women have gained a lot of ground in politics, the work force, and even more power within their own households. I am a firm believer and supporter of equality and opportunity. I am also fully subscribed to the belief that the stronger the light, the darker the shadows. The more successful the Yins, the more dominant the Yangs. It’s a win-win for our species. And a great step forward for society.

A woman who walks in purpose doesn’t have to chase after people or opportunities. Her light will bring people and opportunities to pursue her.

See you at WOP 2016.
Dato' Joey Yap
Chief Consultant
Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics

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