The Tong Shu, or the Chinese Almanac, has been used for centuries as the source of suitable dates for practically every occasion in everyday life. The Tong Shu has also been used extensively in Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology calculations. Today, the Tong Shu is still the comprehensive resource in all aspects of Date Selection.

To fulfill the requirements of modern-day general and professional users of Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology who need to perform Date Selection on a regular or specialized basis, Joey Yap has created the Annual Tong Shu. It offers precise information calculated through the application of 28 Constellations and the Heavenly Stars method - the same time-honored system that has been used in traditional Tong Shu calculations.

Now available to you online are two ideal indispensable tools for even faster and more convenient use: Joey Yap's Online Tong Shu 2015 (Web-based) for everyone, and Joey Yap's Online Pro Tong Shu 2015 (Web-based) specially designed for professional consultants, expert practitioners and students.

Here is a quick glance on what both Tong Shu offer:

  Online Tong Shu 2015 Online Pro Tong Shu 2015
Today's Four Pillars
Suit & Avoid
Auspicious Hour Forecast
Daily Horoscope Forecast
Flying Stars Chart
28 Constellations
Day Officer
Daily Direction
(on conflict direction only)

(include Day Breaker)
Xuan Kong Da Gua  
Day Stars  
Monthly Auxiliary Stars  
Special Day Information  
Na Yin  
Yellow and Black Belt  
JY Dong Gong Rating  

Both Web-based editions of Joey Yap's Tong Shu 2015 have a search function to find and select auspicious dates, and software functions for you to personalize your electronic Daily Event Planner.

You will have full immediate access to Joey Yap's Online Tong Shu 2015 (Web-based) and Joey Yap's Online Pro Tong Shu 2015 (Web-based) upon subscription. Purchase your year's subscription NOW! |
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