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Mastery Online Series™

BaZi (Chinese Astrology) helps you understand your own destiny to make better-informed life decisions. Level 1 comprises 38 Lessons that are divided into 5 Topics.

This is meant to help you learn and understand the material. It provides you with the basics that will prove indispensable to your BaZi studies, especially as you progress to higher levels.

Each lesson includes:

  • A video lecture presented by Joey Yap
  • Slide presentations to further strengthen your understanding of the video lecture content
  • Downloadable and printable tutorial notes, for future reference and revision

BaZi Mastery Online Series™

BaZi Mastery Online Series™

Topics under BaZi Mastery Online Series™ Level 1:

Fundamentals   Fundamentals (10 lessons)

Begin your exploration into the intriguing world of BaZi with these basic principles. Human beings have always pondered upon the nature of their existence in particular, and the Universe in general. Chinese Astrology, or BaZi, is the result of thousands of years' of questioning.

BaZi Reading Techniques 101   BaZi Reading Techniques 101 (10 lessons)

The forces of the Cosmic Trinity comprise that of Heaven, Earth, and Man. A person's destiny is the result of the interaction between these 3 forces. As these forces are dynamic and constantly influencing each other, it is inevitable that change is the only constant, and nothing, not even the future, is set in stone. BaZi reading can help unravel the intricate mysteries of these interactions.

Palaces of Influence   Palaces of Influence (6 lessons)

This topic delves into the crux of the Classics, where each of the relevant principles is explained to you. Learn the significance of the Day Master, as well as the importance of The Day Branch, The Year Pillar, the Month Pillar, and the Hour Pillar. Friendships and relationships between friends, loved ones, and family can be analyzed, and the methods on how that can be done are explicated in this topic.

The Five Factors   The Five Factors (6 lessons)

Your BaZi is a Destiny Code. The Five Factors topic explores the elements of each of the ten types of Day Master. These elements that represent the Five Factors are dependent on your Day Master, and thus are able to change. The outcomes of these interactions and relationships determine the significance or impact of a particular event on the various aspects of your life. Learn the nature of these interactions in this particular topic.

Basic Analysis Techniques   Basic Analysis Techniques (6lessons)

While BaZi can yield tremendously rich information about a person's life and their destiny, it all comes down to naught if you're unable to accurately read and analyse a BaZi chart. BaZi Analysis is neither complicated nor overwhelmingly complex, yet there are some basic fundamental techniques that need to be learned and understood in order to correctly interpret information from the charts and use it for one's own benefit. Five key aspects of life are featured in these 6 lessons: Wealth, Career, Relationship, Children, and Health.

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