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Your Own BaZi Forecast for the Year
Your BaZi Forecast for 2015
Type: PDF

No of pages: 15 pages

Price: US$26.90

This report is also available in Chinese.

Now, for the first time ever, Joey Yap provides you with your own BaZi Day Pillar Forecast Report - available online. It's fast, convenient, and accurate, and you don't want to face the upcoming year without it by your side!

Put to rest your uncertainties about the year ahead. Is it the best time to get married, change jobs, or start a new business? You'll have all this information and MORE at your fingertips with your own Forecast Report!

Based on your Day Pillar (also known as Jia Zi in BaZi), this Forecast Report provides you with:
Your outlook for the entire year in terms of a general Overview, as well as other aspects of life including:
A month-by-month breakdown of your forecast for the entire 12 months of the year
Your individual BaZi Astrology Chart
A super-fast and convenient way of assessing your yearly outlook, minus all the hassle
An accurate forecast based on authentic BaZi methods and formulas

With your own Forecast Report, you can:
Plan for the year ahead
Take appropriate action for certain areas of your life
Gain valuable insight on when to act, and when to lie low
See visible results in your life when you take all the right steps

Obtaining your BaZi Day Pillar Forecast Report is literally as simple as a few quick and easy steps:
1  First, click here to fill in your personal details.
2  Enter all your details, ensuring that you fill in all the REQUIRED fields.
3  Then, provide us with a legitimate working email address.
4  Click 'Make Payment'
5  Your Report will be emailed to you once we have received your payment.

Handy, fast, and accurate, your Forecast Report is based on Joey Yap's BaZi formula and methods. With this information, you can comfortably and confidently move forward in the year ahead.

Below are sample screenshots of what your BaZi Day Pillar Forecast Report will look like:

Sample 1: This page will display your Personal Details. Sample 2: This page will display your BaZi Astrology Chart.
Sample 3: This page will display the General Overview of your Forecast for 2015. Sample 4: This page shows a sample of the Report (this shows the Health and Career categories).
Sample 5: This page will display the month-by-month outlook for 2015 for your Day Pillar.
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