What People Say

"After this class, I discovered that I have talent, I can sell and I can lead. With 'Grow Rich with BaZi', I have a proper direction for my business and now I can grow my business to the next level. I really enjoy the different teaching style."

Hesmondjeet Onn Chee Houng
- Malaysia -

Discover Your Destiny, Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Find out what destiny has in store for you and see yourself from a whole new perspective. Discover your strengths and learn how to capitalize on them to get ahead in life. Know your weaknesses and the ways to triumph over them. Throughout this course you will be exposed to techniques to get closer to your ideal state of financial freedom by expanding your potential and improving your ability to capitalize wealth through the use of BaZi.

What You Will Learn

  • Greater understanding
    of your own role in life, and a renewed sense of purpose
  • Get a clearer picture
    of your unique potential for Wealth success
  • Learn ways of generating,
    increasing and sustaining Wealth favourable to your character
  • Gain key insights
    into your ideal career path and industry, and the job best-suited to your personality
  • Obtain expansive knowledge
    on your work style, talents and strengths, and attributes and characteristics to develop

This course offers students :

  • An easy-to-understand introduction to enable EASY application of BaZi in practical terms.
  • The Grow Rich with BaZi program is taught live by Joey Yap and his team of Mastery Academy instructors in various countries around the world. You can now attend this course from the comfort of your own home.
  • Learn to utilise the BaZi Profiling System to help you delve deeper into yourself, and discover your least resistant path to financial success.
  • Acquire basic BaZi chart reading skills to confidently analyse your own BaZi and those of your family and friends.

Contact Us

  • Date 28 & 29 Aug 2015
  • Duration 1.5 days
  • Venue
    Joey Yap Conference Center,
    Level 5.01, South Tower, Gardens, Kuala Lumpur

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