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The world’s most successful people didn’t just excel during good times. They thrived during the bad and left everyone else in their wake. Fortunes are made during times of turmoil while everyone else is struggling just to survive.

Now, more than ever – put yourself in a position of invincibility.
Go All In
Dato’ Joey’s enigmatic stage persona and charismatic speaking style will keep you entertained and glued to your seats. It’s a full day event packed with a lot of fun and exciting learning outcomes.
Who says learning and Chinese Metaphysics has to be boring?

Acquire some seriously fun tools to navigate through obstacles and challenges of life.
Are You Kidding Me?
The best thing about this is you don’t have to believe in Feng Shui or QiMen for it to work. It just does. Get a broader understanding of The Universe, The Dao and of Life itself.

Explain the things that are unexplainable by modern science.
Complete the missing pieces in your puzzle.

Get The Answers You Seek
Business owners, professionals, homemakers – get more out of life.
Here are five top reasons you should attend.
  • I Walk your own personal path and create your destiny You will learn as much about yourself as the future trends through our systems and strategies.
  • II Transform your life and those around you What if winning was not just about working longer and harder? This seminar is about winning in the most important areas in life. Wining isn’t everything, but wanting it is.
  • III No nonsense. Robust Applications. Pure Results. In a world of information overload, getting clarity on your own personal path is critical. You will waste no time in learning irrelevant or inaccurate techniques that have little yield. You will learn as much about yourself as the future trends through our assessments.
  • IV Act with certainty and confidence Acquire better decision making tools. Equip the best strategies and methods. The right knowledge and right resources in the right place can transform your future.
  • V Accelerate your careers, business and investment success Get an instant boost to what you are already doing or planning to do in the near future. Be amazed how the power of foresight and art of war can sharpen your game.
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About Dato' Joey Yap

Dato’ Joey Yap is the celebrated and global bestselling author with more than 162 books published and counting. His literary work has been translated and published in every continent of the world, making it to the local best sellers list on numerous occasions and sold more than 4,000,000 copies. Some of the bestsellers published have also earned The Merit Award from The Asean Book Publisher Association. He is a passionate and internationally renowned speaker who is highly sought after in business communities and corporate events. His talks have an appeal that transcends barriers of age, culture and occupation.
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